MCP Outclass Ruling DPP In By Elections….Wins 5 Out Of 6 Seats

MCP has won  a popularity test against the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) with by-election gains which has seen the party shrugging off challenge in the Lilongwe by-elections.

MCP president Lazarous Chakwera with Gwengwe

Gwengwe (right) with MCP’s Ulemu Msungama : Winning candidates for MCP

By-elections in Lilongwe City South East were called after  a Malawi Supreme Court of Appeal order for a rerun after noting irregularities in the parliamentary race on May 20 2014 whereas in the areas the vacancies arose following deaths of office holders.

The court nullified the May 20 2014 parliamentary results in Lilongwe City South East Constituency that declared Bentley Namasusu of DPP winner.

MCP contestant in the elections, Ulemu Msungama, challenged the results on the basis of irregularities, something the court upheld.

Msungama on Tuesday got his electoral justice when he won the contest Ulemu Msungama  with 6722 votes followed by DPP’s Dr. Reuben Ngwenya  with 3597 votes.

In  Lilongwe Msozi North, MCP’s candidate Sosten Gwengwe secured victory to return to parliament  with 10, 015 votes against DPP’s Bruno Daka who polled 2559.

In Local Government, Msiriza Ward, MCP’s Frank  Zikaola polled 921 voytes against Julio Jumbe  of  DPP  with 826 votes.

MCP has also won parliamentary seat in Nsanje Lalanje and a Local government ward in Ndirande Malabada while DPP won only in Dedza Mayani – translating in 51 victory.

“ The by-electionst signals to everyone that the political pendulum in our country is swinging,” MCP director of elections Maxwell Thyolera told Nyasa Times.

He said voters have delivered a stinging rebuke to the DPP.

Thyolera said DPP attempted to fraudntley win the by-elections but their party machinery were awake.

He said theMCP victory against DPP which used tax funds for campaign will be a major psychological blow to President Peter Mutharika and the ruling party.

“We have shown that despite some dirty politics against MCP, we are force to reckon with,” he said.

He said the by-elections were a “mini-referendum about the future of Malawi” and that voters have indicated they want change.

The Tuesday’s vote sent a clear message that the electorate cannot be taken for granted.

MCP has also shown that it could challenge the ruling DPP  in its strongholds.

Ernest Thindwa, who teaches political science at Chancellor College, a constituent college of the University of Malawi, said DPP loss in Nsanje Lalanje would affect DPP morale and “dampen their spirits.”

Mustapha Hussein, another political analyst based at Chancellor College, said Nsanje Lalanje  win for MCP  will mean  “the MCP is getting a foothold in the Southern Region” which has been the political bedrock of the ruling party.



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