MCP Cry Baby’s Creating Same Old Rigging Stories As DPP Is Poised To Win All Constituencies


MCP afraid of losing Nsanje Lalanje by election

In a desperate attempt to discredit the by elections results which Mighty DPP is set to win all the three constituencies, Malawi Crocodiles Party (MCP) has started their usual song which Malawians know them with of ‘atibera’ claiming the elections have been rigged as they did in 1994,1999,2004,2009 and 2014 by spreading propaganda that ruling DPP is rigging the by election.

MCP is afraid of being embarrassed knowing that DPP is winning all the constituencies and they are creating this situation, so that it should be used as a backup and a basis that the elections were not fair to discredit the results.

On numerous occasions, MCP has written donor communities and MEC calling for the cancellation of the by elections because MCP knows that DPP is beating them and they do not want to swallow their pride and accept defeat.

DPP remains by its stand that the elections are free and fair , and that at the end of the day they will have three new Members of parliament in the name of Reuben Ngwenya for Lilongwe City South East, Bruno Daka for Lilongwe Msozi and Gkadys Ganda for Nsanje Lalanje.



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