Sidik Mia, MCP Splash K 7.2 Mn To Scare Voters That Blood Suckers Are In Nsanje:Telling People Not To Vote

MCP afraid of losing Nsanje Lalanje by election

Malawi Congress Party’s (MCP)  mafia Sidik Mia has dished out MK 7.2 Million to some people in Nsanje ahead of the  Nsanje Lalanje by-election to be spreading false news that blood suckers have stormed the area, as a way of scaring voters not to go and cast their votes in areas that are DPP strong holds in the 17 October by election in a desperate attempt hoping their candidate Sitolo may emerge the winner. Malawi Independent has leant.

According to verified information, 6 groups have been established in the area and each has pocketed MK 1.2 million to be  beating drums  and tins at night as a way of scaring people in the area , as well as to to incite violence and instill fear in voters so that the elections in Nsanje Lalanje should be cancelled, on a basis that people in the area are at  risk as MCP is full aware that it is not winning this constituency and they want to use that as a scapegoat.

The exercise is being coordinated by two MCP parliamentarians namely Kusamba Dzodzi and Boniface Kadzamira.

Malawi Independent has also established that last friday, MCP Deputy Secretary General Eisenhower Mkaka wrote Malawi Electoral Commision (MEC) asking them for the cancellation of the by election in Nsanje Lalanje on a basis that there is political violence while the truth of the matters is that MCP itself is to blame for all the chaos that have been happening in the area through Sidik Mia.

As that is not enough, Sidik Mia is expected to meet some elections presiding officers in Jambo Village today together with 11 MCP parliamentarians in an attempt to rig the elections in the Area.

In the previous night, MCP was also in a door to door exercise distributing MK 2000 notes to voters to vote for Sitolo despite the fact that campaign period closed last Saturday.


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