LL City Mayor Desmond Bikoko Dupe Foreign Businessmen MK 120 mn To Be City Ambassadors: Promised Business Connections In Exchange

Desmond Bikoko dupe foreign business communities MK 120 million

Malawi Crocodile Party (MCP) member and Mayor of Lilongwe City Council Desmond William Bikoko has duped 6 foreign business communities MK 120 million and covered his ill intentions for fear of being exposed by appointing them into what he is calling community Ambassadors with one Malawian in it as a face saver to cover his crookdness representing 0.5% while 99.5% goes to the foreigners yet Lilongwe alone has over MK 1 million residents .This publication has established.

According to well placed sources at the Lilongwe City Council, Mayor Bikoko demanded MK 20 million from each business community of foreign businessmen and promised them that he will make sure that they get business opportunities,allocate them good land for building shops, houses and give them protection from law enforcer as well as drawing them into an advisory committee which will spearhead the operations of Lilongwe City council on behalf of Malawians and from the look of things, his community ambassadors are duplicating the roles of councillors who were dully elected and they represent the will of the people not his interests.

This has shocked Malawians and residents of Lilongwe City as to how foreign businessmen will oversee the operations of the Lilongwe City instead of empowering fellow Malawians.

It is on record that Desmond Bikoko says he cannot work with Malawians because most of them are illiterates and poor.

Yesterday, Desmond Bikoko lived to his promised when the appointed a 7 men advisory board which accroding to his wisdom will promote participation of the general public in the development plans of the city of Lilongwe through his office.

Bikoko’s board members have been elected from the Nigerian, Rwandan, Chinese, Indian and Burundian communities and their names are as follows:
– Zhuo Shui – Chinese Community
– Tony Karim – Indian Community
– Mylord Jere – Malawian Community
– Mwosu Ken – Nigerian Community
– Vincent Mugase – Rwandese Community
– Emmanuel Munyeragwe – Burundi Community
– Vincent Ndamage Rwandese Business Community


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