Malawi Crocodiles Party (MCP) Shaken As President Mutharika…DPP Aspirant Reuben Ngwenya Dates Kaliyeka Ground

President and Mutharika dates Kalieka ground

Opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) is panting and shaken as Malawi President Arthur Peter Mutharika will this afternoon address a political rally at Kalieka Ground in Lilongwe, to drum up support for DPP aspirant Dr. Reuben Ngwenya in the coming October 17 by-election for Lilongwe City South East constituency.

According to confirmed information made available to this publication,  Mutharika’s political rally will start at 15:00 hours .

DPP’s Reuben Ngwenya will battle it out against Crocodiles Party Ulemu Msungama and Kadua who is standing on an independent ticket.

MCP is having tough time in the area to convince the constituents to vote for their candidate with nothing to show on the ground while the DPP candidate has done several developments in the area such as grading roads, provision of free medical services to the people in the area, installing a maize mill which people are using for free, launching a MK 2.5 million football Bonanza and opening of water kiosks in the area among other things.



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  • Then I see lack of ethical reporting here!!!You can’t impute your emotions in an article that will be read by people from all sorts of angles!Calling Malawi Congress Party as Malawi Crocodiles Party is not fair!!!Write a fair article that is not biased.

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