Sosten Gwengwe Summoned By Police For Marrying A Minor…Parents Bitter For Failing To Honor Pledge

Gwengwe impregnated a minor  school girl

Malawi Congress Party candidate for Lilongwe-Msozi constituency in the coming by election Sosten Gwengwe has been summoned by the Victim Support Unit (VSU) of Malawi Police after the parents of a minor he impregnated in 2014 who was a student at Alice Gwengwe Foundation, a school which Sosten Gwengwe is part of the ownership lodged a complaint against him .Malawi Independent has established.

It has been established that parents of Sosten Gwengwe incumbent wife have taken him to police for failing to fulfil promises he made when he was marrying their 15year old daughter who was learning at Alice Gwengwe Foundation upon learning that he had impregnated her when his previous wife dumped him for another man just few months after Peoples Party lost elections in which he was the running mate.

Lilongwe Police Station through its Unit Support Victim has summoned Mr. Gwengwe to appear before it this morning, according to a letter seen our publication .

According to the parents, when Gwengwe was marrying their 15year old daughter, they promised to build a modern house as well as giving the parents K20million to start a business but up to now nothing of that sort has happened.

“It was not our will to marry our daughter at that age but just because she has Mr. Gwengwe’s pregnancy, so we had no option but to accept God’s blessings. As God fearing parents, we couldn’t allow our daughter to abort the pregnancy hence accepting Mr Ngwegwe’s proposal to marry her.”

“So during our discussion, Mr. Gwengwe pledged to compensate us with a modern house and K20million, but up to now nothing of that sort happened, that’s why we had to take him to police. “ he said.
Soon after 2014 general election Gwengwe’s first wife dumped him for another man and they are currently happily married in UK.

Few months ago, Malawi President Peter Mutharika signed a constitutional amendment raising the legal marriage age to 18. The amendment marks the final step in a years-long process in Malawi to outlaw child marriage. But rights campaigners say it is just a start, and the country must now enforce the ban.

Parliament approved the change to the constitution in February. Prior to the amendment, the constitution allowed minors aged 15 and older to marry with parental consent.

The amendment comes into effect two years after parliament passed a revised family code that raised the marriage age to 18.

“That amendment is showing exactly the aspiration of Malawians that we are saying ‘No’ in totality to child marriage and the loopholes that were remaining of giving consents to parents are no longer there,” said Jessie Kabwila, chairperson of women’s caucus in parliament.


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