DPP Condemns MCP on Gonapamhanya Terror:MCP Will Never Change Its Evil Ways

DPP car smashed by MCP.

The ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has learnt with shock at the violent incidences that took place on Saturday, 30th September, 2017 during the Gonapamuhanya cultural event at Bolero in Rumphi.

Our preliminary findings are that these most unfortunate incidences were properly planned and executed by supporters of the opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) and their allies.

We have noted with great concern that the MCP supporters were in possession of some unauthorized dangerous weapons such as pangas, knives and teargas that were put to use during the fracas that ensued.

How the MCP supporters were able to acquire such hazardous weapons and put them to use at a peaceful public event is a question that is bothering every Malawian that loves and promote peace.

During the Rumphi events, some DPP supporters were mercilessly beaten up by the opposition hooligans and at least one official vehicle of the DPP was heavily smashed by the stone throwing MCP supporters.

The DPP would like to remind all Malawians that the MCP is a very undemocratic political party owing to the recent acts of violence that have been perpetrated within the ranks and file of the MCP itself where we have seen some senior party officials including its own Parliamentarians being attacked and manhandled in public by the party’s security agents and hooligans. It is very clear that MCP has not changed and it will never change.

Malawians rejected the MCP’s terror rule in 1993 following the red card given to the party through a referendum defeat and the ushering in of multiparty democracy system of government. The people of this country have vowed never to go back to those dark days under the MCP. Whether the party likes it or not this country will never go back to the MCP rule.

The DPP is calling upon the Police to swiftly conduct thorough investigations into the Rumphi incidences and ensure that all the perp


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