MCP Thugs Smashes Ruling DPP Car In Full Presence Of Chakwera

DPP car smashed by MCP.

Malawi Congress Party thugs have smashed ruling Democratic Progressive Party car in the north in the full presence of their crocodile party leader Chakwera.

A group of young people believed to be members of the opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) and Alliance for Democracy (AFORD) caused havoc at the Gonapamhyanya Tumbuka Cultural festival at Bolero in Rumphi earlier on Saturday.

It is believed members who accompanied their leaders Lazarus Chakwera and Enock Chihana respectively insisted they wanted to put on their party regalia which did not go well with the organizers.

Losing focus, the alleged youths started throwing stones which among others, damaged property that included the vehicle of the Regional Director of Youth for the ruling Democratic Progressive Party

Meanwhile, minister of Home Affairs Grace Chiumia who represented Government at the event has condemned the violence
Many Malawians have been left agape as to why Malawi Congress Party unleashed terror on innocent civilians at a cultural event.

“Why MCP why? I thought you are led by a former Man of God? And the Reverend was present when you unleashed this fresh terror.” Said one of the witness in disbelieve of what the MCP thugs have done to DPP car.

True to the old saying by former President Bakili Muluzi that MCP will surely never change,it is evident enough that MCP evil past lives today .


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