DPP-UK Wing Drums-up Support For DPP Candidates Ngwenya,Daka:Set To Donate Assorted Items At Kang’oma Health Centre

DPP-UK representative Kamundi

DPP-UK wing has lined up several activities to drum-up support for the DPP candidates wrestling it out for the Lilongwe City South East Constituency as well as Lilongwe Msozi in the forthcoming By-elections slated for October 17.

Among others, the wing is this weekend donating assorted items such as Likuni Phala, footballs, basketballs, under-five cloths to the constituents in these two areas.

On Saturday October 30, the wing is cheering patients as well as donating food stuff and cloths to Kango’oma Health Centre

Dr. Rueben Mgwenya is representing DPP in Lilongwe City South East Constituency while Lilongwe Msozi is being represented by Bruno Daka.

According to DPP UK wing strategist Lewis Kamundi, they thought it wise of supporting the two candidates, because they believe in Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika’s leadership and that DPP is the only Party in Malawi that is current and relevant to achieve its development Goals.

“In June 2017 we as DPP-UK were privileged to have an audience with The president in London, United Kindom. He briefed us on the various development projects that have been completed and some that are still underway. We assured the president that though we are far away, miles apart, we still feel the pains of the Malawian, we still hear the cries of a hungry baby, we therefore pledged to work with the president in advancing the good welfare of Malawians.” He said.

DPP-UK is An Extended arm of DPP Malawi and has been there for over 5 yrs and was officially launched by DPP Executive members in August 2014 in Leicester United Kingdom. This was very much in response to the call of the President that we as Malawians must unite and work together to develop our beautiful Nation. The future and progress of Malawi is a collective responsibility regardless of Party affiliations, colour, gender or creed.
The main objectives are:-
– To make DPP visible in the United Kingdom
– To support DPP in fufilling the manifesto pledges
– Carry out fundraising activities on behalf of DPP
– Recruiting Malawians in the united Kingdom as DPP members.
– To partner with the President and DPP to fufill the development agenda of Malawi.


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