Lilongwe Technical Swindled Over MK 5 mn By Students Using Fake Bank Deposit Slips For Their Fees

Over five million is said to have been swindled by students through the issuance of bogus receipts by a learner at Lilongwe Technical College.

Lilongwe Technical College expansion near completion

The college Principal, Dhuya Mtawali disclosed that a second year student Talandira Blackson, studying Community Development connived with outsiders who produced fake receipts and gave to students in exchange for their school fees.

“We discovered this cheating from one student on Tuesday September 19, last week after giving a bogus receipt to a lecturer. The features and signatures were very questionable and that raised eyebrows.

“When the accounts office crosschecked with the receipts it did not match with the duplicate and worse still realized some receipts had same number,” Mtawali said.

He said after cornering the student he revealed that Blackson had issued the receipts to many students in exchange for their school fees and he shares them some money as an agreement in the fees fraud.

He said no lecturer or any college official would easily distinguish the bogus receipts from the genuine ones because the forged receipts were also carrying the college’s auto-dated stamp that was very exact.

“I can sadly confirm that records show that as at present over five million is already squandered through this way from 11 September, 2017 when the school opened. We are still crosschecking other financial registers to establish the exact figures so far lost,” he stated.

The Principal said when Blackson was pinned before his parents he accepted having been issuing the counterfeit receipts and shared the monies to the individual student


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