MCP Launches Terror On Its Own To Gain Sympathy In Nsanje Lalanje’s By-Election

To say that Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has launched a terror campaign in the Nsanje Lalanje  against Malawi Congress Party (MCP) in the coming  by-elections on October 17 is a day light lie and a move by MCP to hoodwink voters to feel sorry for them and vote for their candidate.

DPP kicked a ruling party out of power, Ask Peoples Party how good DPP is and organised when it comes to election. As a ruling Party DPP has no time to threaten  villagers against attending MCP meetings and uprooting flags of the main opposition party candidate Lawrence Sitolo .

Malawi Congress Party operatives are deliberately threatening people not to attend MCP rallies and uprooting their own flags and tearing Sitolo posters, in their wisdom knowing that its automatic that people will connect DPP to it just because sitolo is an opponent to DPP candidate.

Malawi is a  Democratic state, everyone has a right to support a party of his or her choice and nobody at this age can be told not to  support to the MCP because he will be killed or beaten.

MCP must not forget the atrocities it did to the people of the lower state.MCP and its operatives were the ones who killed Malawians and fed them to crocodiles in Nsanje.


DPP spokesman Francis Kasaila has since dismissed the reports of violence, saying his party will win the election ” clean and in issue-based campaign.”

Kasaila said MCP are “desperate ”  and that they know defeat is surely for them, they have resorted to “cultivate lies.”


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