Blue Jamboree As Massive Exodus Hits MCP in Chikwawa: 250 Members Defect To Mighty DPP

250 people dump MCP for DPP

In what could be described as a mass of exodus, over 250 members from the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) in Chikwawa denounced their membership and joined the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) on Wednesday.

Led by their District Governor, Fransisco Tengani from Chikwawa Makande and responsible for three constituencies of Chikwawa central, Chikwawa Nkombezi and Chikwawa South, the members said they thought of joining the DPP due to lack of democracy as well as accountability and transparency when choosing leadership within the MCP party.

“Within the MCP, they just impose when it comes to leadership and politics within the party is mainly centered on tribes not appointing people that will give the party good direction,” said Tengani

MCP members joining DPP

He added that the ruling DPP had offered tremendous developments to the people of the Shire Valley district of Chikwawa and as such there was a need to support its leadership.

“Chikwawa and Nsanje experience droughts whether we are in rainy season or dry season and as we are speaking now, we are able to buy maize and have food in our homes. All this because of the good leadership of the ruling DPP.

Our joining the party will ensure that the plans within it are positively enhanced and the MCP members here will not gain anything,” emphasized Tengani.

He further said his joining the party, many more members were at his back following him to the ruling DPP.
On his part, Chikwawa Central Parliamentarian, Zaheer Gaffar Issa said he was proud to have received the MCP members into the ruling DPP.

“I am very happy to receive such a big number of MCP members into the ruling DPP today and this clearly shows that people out there are able to see the dynamics leadership of Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika which is in line to the DPP’s manifesto.

What I will do is what I do always because I will make sure that all these people work together as a family and will ensure to include them in various developmental projects happening in their respective areas so that together we achieve a common goal,” said Gaffar

DPP’s Regional Governor for the Southern Region, Charles Mchacha said his party welcomed MCP members into its family adding that the southern region was the DPP’s strong hold and that the party had everything it takes to be stronger than before.

Mchacha added that the new members from the main opposition MCP will add value to the party saying wherever the party had no area; it will be established there and then.

“I have advised the new members not to sit and watch but rather work tirelessly with the old members in the party for a common good. There are so many activities taking place in the country because of the listening president Malawians have and you can agree with me that we have witnessed various developmental projects taking place particularly in Chikwawa.

Shortly we are starting Thabwa to Fatima road and soon we will be starting the technical college here and you can agree with me that Chapananga area is also blessed with activities in terms of road infrastructure. Anytime soon we will also be starting the road from Nsanje to Malaka,” said Mchacha.

He indicated that such were no mean developments as the joining of MCP members into the ruling DPP was as a result of people themselves witnessing various developmental projects being done by the DPP regime.

He however indicated that there was no stress within the DPP family with the October 17, 2017 Nsanje Lalanje by-elections saying the seat will be won by the ruling DPP.


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