‘Ghetto King Fredokiss’ To Honour Lilongwe Fans: Takes Free-Show To Masintha On October 14

Fredokiss takes free show to Lilongwe

One of the best hip-hop artists in the country who goes by the name of Fredokiss has organized a show which will take place in Lilongwe next month in honor of his Lilongwe fans.

After his live performance in Ndirande, Blantyre, Fredokiss is yet to perform in a live and free show at Masintha ground in Lilongwe on 14th October, 2017.

Posting on his page on social media through Facebook said the show would be in the afternoon from 1 PM.

“Knock, knock Lilongwe Masintha ground, the ghetto king will be in town it is going to be a gathering of courageous ghetto youths,” said Fredokiss whose real name is Penjani Kalua.

The Masters Degree holder in public Health majoring in social and behavior change communication ‘AKA’ Ntchana has also plans to proceed with his live and free performances up the northern part of Malawi.

One of his fans, Loti Yamzy described Fredokiss as one of the humble artists in Malawi.

“He is humble to say the least because not all artists we have in Malawi can afford to do what Fredokiss is doing, every artist in Malawi is now looking for money to push their lives but he can even reply on his post on social network,” said Yamzy.


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