UNGA 2017:First Lady Secures $10,000 Music Equip For Malawian Youths Through BEAM

First lady secures $10,000 music equipment

 The China Africa Business Council (CABC) announced on Tuesday that it will donate music equipment worth US$10,000 dollars to assist Malawian youths in developing and nurturing their artistic talents in music.

General Secretary of CABC Erick Wang made the announcement during an audience with the First Lady Her Excellency Madame Gertrude Mutharika at the Hilton Midtown Hotel in New York, USA.

Fruitful meeting

CABC will make the donation through the Beautify Malawi Trust (BEAM) under a Chinese youth driven initiative called Public Benefit International Challenge (PBIC).

Through this initiative, Chinese youths are taking the lead in mobilizing and engaging various celebrities including musicians around China to raise funds to assist fellow youths in Africa.

The donation, which also comes along with a package of six music classrooms, is in recognition of the tremendous work that the First Lady is doing to ensure that the youths of Malawi are taking part in matters of national development.

“We are very glad that Malawi is the first beneficially of this donation because of your Excellency’s commitment and passion to youth activities.

“Your motivation when you visited Peking University in 2016 had a huge impact among many youths in China. They now have a different view about Africa and Malawi in particular,” Wang said.

In her remarks, the First Lady commended CABC for supporting her activities under BEAM Trust.

“We are very grateful for considering the youths of Malawi in this programme. The music instruments and all the other activities under this initiative will greatly benefit them and have a huge impact on their lives,” Madame Mutharika said.

She added that the equipment will be forwarded to relevant institutions for proper and optimum utilization.

The First Lady further hailed the strong bilateral relationship that exists between the government of China and Malawi, which has seen Malawi reaping huge benefits.

Write up by Chikondi Juma & Macneil Kalowekamo – New York, USA.


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