Sidik Mia Barred From Area 23 Mosque By Sheik Saying Politician Mia Must Not Degrade Islam Faith

Sidik Mia barred from area 23 mosque

The opposition Malawi Congress Party’s (MCP) newly discovered gem Muhammed Sidik Mia has been turned down to be Guest of Honour at Area 23 mosque in Lilongwe.


According to information gathered, the organising committee of a sewing machine donation event in Area 23 decided that Mia who is practising politics in mosques should come and preside over the ceremony.


However, a resident Sheikh at the mosque in Area 23 bravely shot down the proposal describing it as undermining the Islamic faith.


The highly distinguished scholar of Islamic region further warned fellow muslims in Malawi that they must be very careful with the tendency by Mia where he is turning the holy mosques in Malawi into political arenas.


Since announcing his joining of the opposition Malawi Congress Party as the likely presidential running mate to Chakwera, Mia has been visiting holy mosques in Malawi asking muslims to vote for the MCP.

Mia has promised that once the MCP is voted into power, as Vice President of the country he is going to undertake an Islamisation exercise for the whole country using money from Saudi Arabia and other islamic states. Mia has said that once MCP is in power, he will construct a mosque in every village in Malawi.


Although Sidik Mia has these Islamisation ambitions for Malawi ironically, the opposition MCP is led by Reverend Lazarous Chakwera himself a former President of the Malawi Assemblies of God.


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