Malawi First Lady Addresses OAFLA Meeting: Delivers Statement On State Of Cancer In Malawi

Malawi  Firs Lady, Her Excellency Madam Dr. Gertrude Mutharika on Monday  kicked off her engagements on the sidelines of the 72nd United Nations General Assembly .

Malawi first lady addressing fellow African first ladies at 72nd UNGA session

The first lady among other things  attended and gave a statement on the state of cancer in Malawi at 6th African First Ladies and Spouses meeting under the theme ‘Looking Forward to a future without cancers: implementation of access to medicines, diagnostics and treatment.

Madame Mutharika in her speech  said cancer is increasingly becoming one the leading causes of illness and death in Malawi with cancer of the cervix toping the list prompting government to establish the National Cervical Cancer Control Programme.

“Let me share with you that Malawi’s cancer Treatment Centre is under construction. Malawi will therefore be providing radiotherapy to cancer patients within the country. This will be a remarkable milestone in improving access to services,” said Madam Mutharika


First ladies on a group photo

She further reported that as First Lady, she has dedicated her time to mobilising women of reproductive age to undergo cancer screening services through mass media campaigns and partnerships with women radio listening clubs.

“Through this approach, I have managed to mobilise women to get cervical cancer screening. Some of these clubs have even gone further to mobilise themselves and have started door to door cancer awareness campaigns which has resulted in more women accessing cancer screening services.

During the meeting, the First Ladies called for specific global commitments in improving the delivery of quality health care and treatment to all forms of cancer affecting women and the rest of the population in Africa.

Malawi first lady is the current president of Organisation Of African First Ladies Against HIV/AIDS.

Interaction time


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