NRB Officials Angry With Ministers Obama’s Order To Have Some Officers Arrested:Planning Protests For Their Release

Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security Grace Chiumia on Sunday accompanied armed police officers and ordered the arrest of National Registration Bureau (NRB) officers who were holding a meeting to demand arrears dating back to May 2017.

Chiumia went to Police to ask for officers to accompany her and arrest the NRB workers at Shoprite premises in Mzuzu, after she got wind of their meeting.

Police arrested 42 NRB workers but some were released and only 14 spent a night in custody.

Chiumia defended her orders for arrest, saying she had to act for fear of conduct that could have likely breached peace and she wanted to “protect government property.”

The suspects have since been charged with unlawful assembly and conspiracy to commit a felony, according to Northern Region Police deputy spokesperson Maurice Chapola.

NRB spokesperson Norman Fulatira, who confirmed that there are arrears dating back to May this year, said he had been informed of the arrest of about 14 NRB officers But did not have details

Meanwhile, other officers in Mzuzu have gathered to at the police where their fellow friends are being kept, saying they want to be arrested too or be released.

In a similar development,NRB officers in Zomba are planning to hold protests to have their fellow officers released.


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