Oxfarm Mw Official Beatrice Mateyo Carries Placard With Obscene Language:’This Is Un-Malawian’

Oxfarm Malawi must be ashamed by what one of their employ Beatrice Mateyo did by carrying a placard with obscene language on it, a development which has dainted the reputation of Oxfarm,pure strange to the Malawian culture and tantamount to degrade the respect that women in Malawi are given, and also bad for the kids of Malawi who are now in the Facebook generation.

Beatrice Mateyo, was arrested on September 15 for carrying a placard which read ‘Kubadwa ndi nyini sitchimo. My pussy my pride’ and with such a material, the respect and the integrity that oxfarm Malawi had has been put under scrutiny, as to what morals do they instill in their staff to come up with such a shameful placard which has taken away the respect for the precious womanhood.

Shameful Oxfarm’s pride Beatrice Mateyo “Beatrice Mateyo has been freed,” and she has since been charged with an offense of insulting the modesty of women.


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