MCP, Billy Mayaya Accused Of Creating Obscene Placards By Oxfarm Mw

Controversial placard

Internation NGO Oxfarm-Malawi office has accused opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) and disgruntled activist Billy Mayaya of trying to politicize and in the process ruining their reputation, by coming up with placards which had obsecene languages on them during the demonstrations which happened against gender based violence.

Oxfam Malawi was the financiers of the Thursday marching to eliminate gender-based violence and have confirmed that the infamous insulting placard was infact the works of opposition MCP Parliamentarian Jessie Kabwila and Billy Mayaya.

It is reported that all the messages on the placards were done by the task force which was led by Billy Mayaya and Jessie Kabwira.


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