Armageddon War In PP As JB Fires Uladi Mussa As President: Replaced By Son Roy Kachale

War declared in PP

There is an armageddon war in Peoples Party (PP) between  founder Joyce Fugitive Ntila Banda who has  fired the current party’s president Uladi Mussa with immediate effect barely a day after he told the media that Joyce Banda was no longer PP president as her mandate had expired on 28th August, 2017.

Mussa who accused Joyce Banda of lying to them of her home coming for the past three years said he had shown interest if the party was to call for a convention to stand as a presidential aspirant in order for PP for move forward in readiness for the 2019 elections and  has since been replaced  with her dear son Roy Kachale.

Uladi Mussa revealed that Joyce Banda was planning to replace him with her son Roy Kachale and now he has been vindicated as what many thought was a mere speculation has come to pass.

Banda, currently in self imposed exile in South Africa since losing the 2014 elections to President Peter Mutharika,was bitter with what Uladi Mussa had said and called for an emergency NEC meeting today which has since stripped off Uladi’s position.

Uladi: Fired

“I have reports that she is planning to endorse  her son (Roy Kachale) as 2019 PP presidential candidate,” Mussa said.“But lets meet at the convention and face each other there,” he said.

Mussa is  also accusing JB’s way of running the party whilst outside the country, saying that she is more less like gagging the party politburo in some of her directives.

“There are some meetings which are forced on the party and planned without the party’s knowledge. She could just text me of a meeting and the names of some people to attend even without telling us the agenda.  She always choose when and where a meeting should be held, who should attend and what should be discussed.

“I am afraid we can’t continue running the part as such. We need to have the leadership that is ready to work directly with the people. The party must move on and it much be strengthened as we go towards the 2019 elections,” said Mussa who emphasized that he respects Banda as founder and patron of PP.

“Joyce Banda has just been saying I coming back home but time is running out to prepare 2019 elections. But her mandate has now expired we need to start preparing and am ready to contest,” said Mussa.


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