Uladi Mussa Says JB No Longer PP President,Her Mandate Expired:To Represent PP In 2019.. Says No To Her Son Roy

Uladi Mussa says Joyce Banda no longer PP president

Peoples Party acting President Uladi Mussa has said he will be the Peoples Party presidential aspirant in the coming 2019 elections, saying the mandate of the founding leader Joyce Banda who is now in self imposed exile expired on August 28, 2017.

In an interview with local media house, caretaker PP president Uladi Mussa says he is acting within the PP constitution, which indicates that the tenure of the President in office is five years,and that Joyce Banda has finished her term and that makes her no more PP President.

Uladi went ahead to  state that he has already informed NEC members and other crucial key figures in the party of his intentions siting people in the grassroots can no longer wait for the coming of Joyce Banda as if its is the second coming of the son of God,siting even herself Joyce Banda does not know when she will be back to Malawi.

Mussa said as Peoples Party, they want to see the party moving forward  and they can no longer bank their hopes on Joyce Banda who has kept on saying that she is coming to Malawi for the past three years but to no avail,and that there is no green light that Joyce Banda will return to Malawi very soon.

In addition, Uladi Mussa revealed that Joyce Banda wanted her son Roy Kachale to take over from Uladi Mussa and be the Peoples Party next president in the coming elections, a move which Uladi Mussa clearly said is impossible.

When pressed if all is well within former accidental ruling Peoples Party mainly between Joyce Banda and PP interim leader Uladi Mussa, the Salima based parliamentarian lamented that all is not well between him and Joyce Banda, and that he can no longer let the former President take him for granted.

Joyce Banda has been accused by Mussa of running Peoples Party affairs behind his back, citing the recent presence of PP officials in MCP rallies without informing him.



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