PP’s Admn Secretary Calls MCP’s JZU A Lucky Murderer Now Living In Comfort Zone :”He Must Pay For His Evils”

Chikwemba calls JZU (Murderer)

Peoples Party administrative secretary Joseph Chikwemba has accused their political party bedfellow MCP veteran Johb Zeus Ungapake Tembo (JZU) of plotting all the atrocities and evils that Malawians faced in the 31 years rule of Malawi COngress Party(MCP), and went further to lament that John Tembo now lives in comfort zone, enjoying his political retirement as a wealthy man having amassed riches from the Malawi government coffers for three decades without being put to task, as if nothing happened under his machination.

Here is the verbatim from PP’s Joseph Chikwemba to Malawians about John Tembo.

“Some people are damn born lucky, having committed all the atrocities, causing pains and miseries to numerous families in this country , people went missing, staged road accidents, others imprisoned, others went to exile and died there, properties were grabbed, wives were snatched from the husbands, kids denied right to education in their own land, having done all the evil in political arena they are now retired and enjoying great wealth, drinking coffee as if nothing happened and no single soul seek revenge or demand compensation. jzu in my mind.”Wrote Peoples Party administrative secretary Joseph Chikwemba.

MCP is well known of killing people and some went in exile for fear of their lives, while those who had no ability suffered in silence.

Chikwemba feels John Tembo deserve to be brought before the book and answer to the wrong doings he put forward to innocent Malawians,whose aftermaths still affects others today and their wounds have not healed.


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