MCP Officials Accusing Mia Of Being DPP Operative….’Buying Cadets Cloth In Nsanje’

Mia accused of being a DPP operative

Senior opposition Malawi Congress Party officials are accusing their new catch and 2019  elections designated running mate Sidik Mia of playing  double standards, saying he is working with MCP, a party he joined recently while on the other hand he is supporting ruling Democratic Progressive Party cadets.

Jessie Kabwira who is also the spokesperson of Malawi Congress Party is on record telling MCP supporters belonging to the Chakwera-Mia faction that there is nothing to smile about when Mia helps them with party materials, as he is doing the same with ruling DPP.

Mia is being accused of buying 1000 pieces of clothes and giving them to DPP cadets in Nsanje where there will be a by-election for the parliamentary seat in Nsanje Lalanje constituency.

“Mwenye wanuyo mukuona ngati akuthandiza inu nokha, he is doing the same to DPP cadets in Nsanje.”Kabwira is reportedly to have posted this in MCP watsapp forum after MCP aspirant in Lilongwe City South East Constituency  Ulemu Msungama launched an attack on MCP Vice President and speaker of parliament  Richard Msowoya, referring him as a useless man from Karonga after getting K 5 million and 500 pieces of MCP clothes  from Mia.

It is believed that Mia has been put on watch list by notorious MCP youths, a wing which was well known for intimidating, killing and threatening opponents during the Kamuzu  Banda’s era and was at the helm of organizing evil.

Some officials within MCP say there will bad consequences if they establish that Mia is indeed an agent of DPP to cause confusion in MCP.


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