Married Women Complain In ‘Timasukilane Azimai’ Group On How They Are Suffering Sexually

Malawian women have taken to Timasukilane Azimai watsapp group to lament on how they are suffering sexually in their families ,saying the lazy tendency in bed  by most men has reached an alarming rate,with the majority of the libidinous women in this secret  watsapp group sharing the same story, and some saying they wish to opt for  masturbation yet they have a man with them in the house.

The chat has exposed that most  women are suffering in silence for not being fu**** or if their husband is to Fu**** on a specific day,he touches his manhood to get an erection and when he lays the woman down, he is quick to ejaculate long before the woman ‘cums’ or he does not ejaculate and stays long though he does not share his bum-bum (satha kunyekhula) making them to feel pain or their pussies turning hell with heat .

Some women have complained of not being satisfied with their husbands because of  their small sized penis’s which they compared to a size of a small sausage.

Here are the screenshots from the group:


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