Chakwera Says Msowoya Becoming ‘A Burden’ In MCP: Turns Down Nsanje Elections Mission

Chakwera says Msowoya becoming a burdern

Speaker of parliament and Vice President of Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Richard Msowoya has rebuffed Chakwera’s proposal, to front him in leading MCP campaign team  in the coming by election scheduled to take place in Nsanje Lalanje.

Chakwera is reportedly to have told Msowoya that he must set a team to go on the ground and make sure that MCP wins the elections in a Nsanje Lalanje constituency, one of the areas  regarded as a ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) stronghold.

In a dramatic turn of events  last Friday,  Msowoya turned down Chakwera’s proposal saying there are other top MCP members who are visiting Nsanje  Lalanje and they are capable of doing the task he was given to drum up support for the MCP candidate drum up support for their candidate Sitolo.

This did not go well with Chakwera who is on record to have told other MCP officials that Msowoya is becoming a burden in MCP and that he does not know how he must be tamed.

MCP deputy Secretary General Mkaka openly told MCP leader Chakwera that camping in Nsanje Lalanje is a waste of MCP  resources and  time as that’s a DPP territory and there is no way MCP can win the elections.


A gap between Chakwera and Msowoya is widening each passing day with now MCP having three camps, the Chakwera faction , the Msowoya sympathisers and on the other hand Sidik Mia bootlickers.


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