‘Self Abductor’ Moses Kunkuyu Forges Minister Chiumia’s Letter: Malemia ,Chishimba Rejects Him

Fake Kunkuyu letter mistakes

Crooked, failed politician and self abductor Moses Kunkuyu who once served in the cash gate regime of fugitive Joyce Banda, has been exposed to the the man who forged the letter bearing the name of Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security Grace Obama Chiumia, declaring outspoken  South African politician and EFF leader Julius Malema and Zambia’s Opposition United Progressive Party (UPP) leader Saviour Chishimba as prohibited Immigrants to Malawi, this publication can confidently reveal.

Kunkuyus forged letter extract

Kunkuyu whose integrity is questionable since he faked his abduction few years ago to buy public sympathy vote to earn him a parliamentary seat seems so desperate to fool Malawians and the world that his Transformation Alliance (TA) conference has been cancelled due to political interference by the state, when the truth of the matter is that Kunkuyu never paid for the venues which he claimed to have organised in the first place,and it was a PR stunt to say government is frustrating his conference.

As that is not enough for Kunkuyu who wants to be seen as a relevant individual when his own people rejected him for losing trust in him for just a mere parliamentary seat position, information gathered by this publication indicates that crooked Moses even did not invite Julius Malema to Malawi. On the day Malema was supposed to be in Malawi as lied to by Kunkuyu, the South African politician was busy with other engagements in the rainbow nation.

To save his face, after knowing that Chishimba and Malema were not coming to Malawi, Kunkuyu  stratergised on how he had to buy public sympathy and this is when he came up with the fake letter, with so many errors such as addressing the Immigration Chief as Director General .

So far, the government of Malawi through its spokesperson Mr. Nicholas Dausi has disowned the letter and said it has not reason to declare the two as prohibted immigrants to Malawi.

Minister of Home affairs and Internal Security has also denied authoring the letter which has gone viral as planned by Kunkuyu.

We are yet to see what the law enforcement agencies will to as forgery is a serious offence.


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