EFF Hits At Chishimba, Kunkuyu: Denies That Malema Was Invited To Misguided Moses’ Conference

EFF denies that Malema was visiting Malawi

Barely hours after we exposed crooked Moses Kunkuyu as the man who forged the letter which has gone viral, stating that EFF leader Julius Malema and Savior Chishimba , the opposition leader in Zambia are declared as prohibited immigrants to Malawi based on the fake letter authored by the Transformation Alliance leader himself Moses Kunkuyu.

EFF has further  rejected claims by Kunkuyu that Julius Malema  failed to come to Malawi for being declared by the state as prohibited immigrant,saying Malema was not intended to be in Malawi in the first place.

According to the communication which we have seen made available to Malawi Independent by Mbusiyeni Quinyin Ndlozi who is EFF’s national spokesperson.

EFF condemns the dishonest and misleading remarks by another crooked opposition leader from Zambia, Savior Chishimba and the misguided Moses Kunkuyu of Transformation Alliance.

“Chishimba has created an impression that he will be hosting the leader of EFF in Malawi. We would like to put it categorically that there was never a plan by Julius Malema to visit Malawi on the invitation of anyone,let alone Mr. Chishimba,”reads part of the statement.

It is evident enough and clear that Kunkuyu wanted to buy public sympathy to run out from the shame that he was lying to Malawians, while forgetting that we are in a global village and all his plans and falsehood to mudslide  the image of Malawi government were known.


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