Lawi Hits At Clueless Malawi Opposition In New Track ‘Zonenanena Kuchuluka’:Download Here

Lawi hits at Malawi opposition

Seasoned artist Lawi real name Francis Phiri has hit at  clueless  Malawi opposition in his new hit single, ‘Zonenanena Kuchuluka.’

Lawi has lambasted the Malawi  opposition of lacking love and vision to develop this nationa based on  the approach it takes in tackling national issues.

The opposition in Malawi  poses a picture as if they leave in the moon yet they are Malawians and this is the only country they have.

Listening to the tune, it is  typically a traditional song which  revolves around envy by the opposition  as its main theme.

However, Zonenanena Kuchuluka  encourages the spirit of support for each other among Malawians especially those in the political circles to develop this nation instead of destroting it.


In his previous masterpiece Amaone Kuchedwa, he simply advised that hasty behaviour leads to destruction of life. In Zonena Kuchuluka he captures why people can be so hasty and reckless: envy and lack of love.The political case of Lazarus Chakwera, the leader of opposition in Malawi.

You can listen to the song here:

One comment

  • This is shit man!!Is this song about opposition parties??Can you draw a single line that shows that Law I is attacking the opposition parties???The message in the song is clear and straight to the point; Envy in general isn’t good! So why are you politicising the innocent song??Who told you the song was going out to opposition political parties???

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