Enock Chihana Pockets Mk 45 Million From ‘MCP VP ‘ Mia Through Chakwera For RAMO Opps

Enock Chihana pockets MK 45 million from Mia

Political sellout and fortune seeker Enock Chihana who between 2012 to 2014 was having a political bedfellow in tattered Peoples Party of imbecile and fugitive Joyce Banda, has now changed direction and enjoying political conjugal rights with opposition Malawi Congress Party. We have established.

Information in our possession indicates that Enock Chihana of Alliance For Democracy,a party whose founder was his father has pocketed MK 45 million from the new Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Vice President Sidik Mia through Lazarus Chakwera for the operations of Revamp Aford Movement (RAMO).

Aford is one of the ‘broke’ briefcase parties in the country but from all of a sudden, it has managed to have its operations well funded, been able to print promotion materials and run tours in some parts of the country, when not long ago the party was failing to run its national office due to lack of funds.

According to the political plan of the working relationship between MCP and Aford, Chakwera and Mia are of the view that when the party replaces Msowoya with Mia, instead of losing some of the MCP followers from the North who are sympathizers of Msowoya, Chihana should be used to bring some bring some members into Aford , and later tell these people to vote for Chakwera in the 2019 elections as they two parties will enter into a formal political alliance.


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