Livingstonia’s Synod Rev.Maurice Munthali Condemns Corruption Spree At Times Group:Asks ACB To Act

Livingstonia synod condemns corruption at Times Media group

Controversial Livingston Synod Reverend Maurice Munthali has  condemned the levels of corruption at Times Media Group, and called upon the Anti-Corruption Burea to act, saying it is clear that journalists at this media house are very corrupt and deraling development in the country.

Munthali told our reporter after his service of worship today that it is indeed  time for the church to start doing its part to deal with corruption in the country, as many people who are caught in corrupt practices are Christians.

“As a church, we have failed to tame our Christians, corrupt minds are within our flocks  and if we fail to instill morals in them, they go out scorrupting forgetting that it is a sin, and as a result , we have created criminals within the church hence  high levels of corruption are done by  Christians but we keep on putting the blame on government.”Narrated Munthali.

Reverend Maurice Munthali said while  the church will be doing its part, the Anti-Corruption Bureau was also supposed to pounce on corrupt journalists in the country, saying if the leaked phone call recording is anything to go by, then it means the media is one rotten industry which is also contributing to high levels of corruption in the country.

“Much as the media acts as a fourth arm of government to demand accountability and transparency from our leaders by exposing the evil that men in government, it is very shocking to learn that some journalists are also corrupt and media houses keep them without condemning the vice, this is bad and such journalist must be punished and face the whip of ACB, if the journalists are corrupt, who will then report the evils our politicians do, “Said Maurice Munthali.

He urged ACB to take action and if they will not do so, then Malawians will lose trust in the effectiveness of ACB with all evidence around the corner that Journalists at Times Media Group are corrupt.


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