‘Lebwedelebwede’ Msowoya Misses At MCP Rally In BK As ‘VP’ Mia Takes Over: Addressed The Rally

Chakwera and Mia in Balaka,Msowoya missed in action

Dust seems not to settle in opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) ahead of 2019 elections, with the coming in of  MCP’s new catch Sidik Mia,  who  made it clear that he wants to be the party’s running mate in the coming elections  even though the party has its Vice President Richard Msowoya who is also the speaker of parliament.

Msowoya first missed at MCP’s Ngabu Rally in Chikwawa which Sidik Mia organised on behalf of MCP to welcome him into the party,  but from the look of things, it was MCP joining Sidik Mia  fueling speculations that Chakwera had pocketed  MK 200 million from Mia while he  spent a night at his Mia’s house ahead of the rally.

When he was given the chance to speak at Ngabu, Sidik Mia called Msowoya ‘lebwedelebwede’ meaning he is a weak person and that if he continues sleeping as the MCP Vice President, Mia was more than ready to grab away the post from him.

Few weeks ago, Msowoya joined Mia and Chakwera in Nkhotakota Boma where the MCP had gone to address a political rally.

The MCP is  trying to paint a picture as if all things are okay in the party since Mia and Msowoya who are now political rivals shared the stage in Nkhotakota but that was just a face saver if developments emerging in MCP are anything to go by.

During the  MCP rally in Balaka, Richard Msowoya was not in attendance, a clear indication that there are divisions within the party and factions still emerging in the run to 2019 elections.

Sidik Mia was captured at the high table with MCP President Chakwera making people to believe that Msowoya is no longer the MCP President and if he is such, it is just on paper but Mia has become the MCP running mate automatically.

He was also given the platform to address the gathering in Balaka.

The coming in of Mia has divided the opposition MCP with some parliamentarians siding with Msowoya and others siding with Mia for the MCP running mate.

It is believed that even MCP supporters have divided loyalty now, a development which gives the ruling DPP to have a smooth road ahead of the 2019 elections.


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