Hypocrites! MISA Mw,MCM Silent On Corrupt Malawi Media,Jornalists: President Mutharika Was Right

MISA Malawi fails to condemn corrupt Malawi media

Media Institute of Southern Africa -MISA Malawi chapter and the Media Council Of Malawi (MCM) have been exposed to be hypocrites and not walking their talk, by failing to condemn acts of corruption among journalists in the Malawi media fraternity, with evidence all over,just two months after they asked President Mutharika to produce evidence when he branded Malawi Media and journalists as being part of a corruption system in Malawi.

Mutharika said a fight against corruption in Malawi is not a one man show, he said much as his government was doing a lot to curb the vice in the country, other players and stakeholders had also a role to play in the fight against corruption.

In his remarks, Mutharika said he knew that corruption is all over in the country and even among the journalists.

“I know that there is corruption in this country, even journalists and some media houses in Malawi are corrupt, for your story to be carried, you need to bribe someone, your enemies can bribe journalists to carry negative stories about you, you can deny this but i know that the media in Malawi is corrupt, there is need for integrity body in the media to deal with such bad practice.”Mutharika said.

This did not go well with MISA Malawi chapter, Media Council of Malawi, some media practitioners and Parliamentary committee on media, calling Mutharika all sorts of names and demanding his apology or evidence that the media in the country is corrupt.

Just withing the last week, there has been a circulation of leaked conversations indicating that some journalists and media houses in the country are corrupt.

“You know that this guy is corrupt, he gets money to feature people in his programs and when you see some of these programs,just know that he has pocked money. There was a time he got money to produce a program and the company told him not to run the program, as a result he turned down the task because he had already pocketed the money.”Said one of the guy in the conversation who has been identified as one of the managers at Times Media Group.

With all this, NAMISA-Malawi Chapter and all those who condemned Mutharika have chosen to be quiet as a clear indication that what Mutharika was saying was true, and they have been exposed to be the worst corrupt individuals fueling corruption in Malawi.


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