Brian Banda Reveals Reason For Suspension:’MCP, Kasakula Accuse Me Of Not Hard Hitting DPP’

Brian Banda accuse Kasakula on his suspension

Suspended journalist for Times Group Media Brian Banda whose real name is Juma Zammimba has accused his immediate boss George Kasakula for his suspension, saying Kasakula always work to please the opposition Malawi Congress Party and Kamuzu Banda family instead of sticking to media ethics, and whosoever works against Kasakula’s agenda of hard hiiting DPP for no reasons, faces his wrath.

In a telephone conversation which Malawi Independent has it’s in custody between Brian Banda and another person whose identity is not yet known.

Brian Banda reveals that Kasakula was accusing him after the recent Hot Current program which was aired on Times Tv, which featured Minister of Information Nicholas Dausi, suggesting that Brian Banda is working against the interests of Times Group and Malawi Congress Party by giving enough time to Dausi to highlight what the DPP government has been doing since it took power in 2014 ,instead of cornering him for such developments not to be heard to Malawians.

He further stated that he is in good books with Times Group boss Chikadya but the problem is his immediate boss’, George Kasakula who introduced a policy that Times Group should be hard hitting ruling DPP , to gain favors from the Kamuzu Banda family and Malawi Congress Party, a party which him (Kasakula) supports.


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