Kasakura Gets Warning Letter For Incompetence, Brian Banda Suspended For Corruption

Kasakula gets warning letter, Brian Banda suspended

Times Group Managing Editor George Kasakula has been given warning letter by Management of Times Group for incompetence while Brian Banda has been suspended for pocketing money from people, and refusing to do programs according to Times Group schedule ,Malawi Independent can exclusively reveal.

According to information we have in our possession, Brian Banda is accused of corruptly pocketing Mk 1 million from Sidik Mia to feature him in the program which was aired on Times Tv last week , yet he Times Management told him to run another program but he had no choice since he had already pocked the money and chose to proceed with airing the program,this a development angered Times Media bosses, and went ahead to suspend him for working against the management but according to his desires for his love for money and not based on the ethics and plans of Times Group.

On the other hand, George Kasakula has got his warning letter for his dullness and failing to make things move at Times Media Group despite so many loses, errors in the daily papers which is embarasing Times Group and so many lawsuits on their head.

The source told Malawi Independent that Kasukula knows nothing and he is a brutal, he is covered and rides on the success of Times Group, while as an individual, he has failed to deliver according to the expectations of the giant media house hence been warned before he his the exit door from Times.

As that is not enough, Malawi Independent has established that this is not the first time Brian Banda has been suspended for getting bribes and turning down management assignment upon pocketing money from people to feature on Times Programs.

Leader of Opposition Lazarus Chakwera is also on record to have palm greased Brian Banda with Mk 1 million to feature him in a program.

When Times Management learnt of this development, they suspended Brian Banda for his corrupt ways and told him that he had to do the program which was on the Times schedule.Being the guy that he is,Brian Banda forgot that he does not even have a certificate and thought that he own Times Media himself.


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