MCP Back With K 500 Party Cards:Youth Wing Divided, Fighting Over Its Implementation

MCP reintroduces cards

There is drama and confusion in oldest opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) with its youthful wing divided and fighting over the proposal by some National Executive Committe (NEC) members who are members of the whatsapp grouping, to have the party bringing back to life cards just a year before elections, Malawi Independent can exclusively reveal.

According to sources from the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) whatsapp forums who have been removed from the party’s secret forums for opposing the re-introduction of forced membership fee of K500.00, they fear the traits of forcing members to give to the party points to intended re introduction of party cards.

The few members agreed to have MK 500.00 introduced for each MCP member to contribute monthly to the party as a sign of loyalty and contributing to the party.

“Its surprising that members are being forced to pay yet we were told the coming of Honorable Mia money would not be a problem’ said one member who was removed.

Fight has surfaced with this development as some members in the just ended month, failed to raise the MK 500 and overzelous MCP members are of the view that these members should be expelled from the party.

As that is not enough, half of the members who were in the MCP ‘Team Tambala Forever’ whatsapp group and failed to meet the MK 500 contributions have been kicked out of the forum, with some of them being branded as ‘nkholokolo’ and accused of working against MCP President Lazarus Chakwera.

MCP is well known of its attrocities and this is a clear indication that over the years, the party has not changed or learnt from its evil past.

Millions of Malawians suffered and have never forgotten how they were abused and beaten for failing to pay for the party membership cards.

Thousands of Malawians Fred the country during the rule of Kamuzu Banda and MCP for fear of their lives.It is a great insult to Malawians and some members in MCP to be reminded of the cards nuisance when their wounds have not yet healed.



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