Livingstonia Synod ‘Sidzamva’: Political Pastor Munthali Campaigns For One MP Party AFORD

Livingstonia Synod of the CCAP clergy Reverend Maurice Munthali on Saturday heightened speculation that he wants to run for a parliamentary seat in Rumphi west when he arrived at a rally organised by Alliance for Democracy (Aford) in what was seen as the party’s regalia and was spotted flashing the two fingure  ‘V’ sign of Aford.

Rev Munthali: It’s time to make political stand

President of Aford  Enoch Chihana repeatedly mentioned Rev Munthali and at one point gave him a chance to speak to the people at the rally in Rumphi.

In his brief speech, Munthali said it is only Aford that can end problems facing the nation.

He said: “You people of the North, your surname now is Aford. Let us not admire things that do not belong to us.”

Donning blue and white colours, Reverend Munthali refused to confirm the rumours that he has joined Aford.

Sources at Livingstonia Synod said however that Reverend Munthali is due to retire in September, 2017.

“He has enough time to campaign for the seat when he retires,” said the source.

Reverend Munthali is famous for his long prayers in which he talks of problems facing the nation and takes to task the Democratic Progressive Party led government leadership.


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