Joyce Banda’s Warrant Of Arrest In Force:Ignore it At Your Own Risk

Joyce Banda’s warrant in force

It’s not in my nature commenting on political issues. But statements from the spokesperson for the Former President Joyce Banda cannot go without comments.

In the first place it is shocking to learn that someone supposedlye with a law degree would go to a police station seeking to see or be served with someone’s warrant of arrest. Warrants of arrest are not served but executed. They are executed when the subject of it is shown a copy and explained to him or her reason for arrest.

Second it is a joke for Mr Chanthunya to say Joyce Banda knows nothing about cashgate. The basic fact is that she knows a lot. Her press conference she held at Sanjika Palace on return from UNGA was recorded. Malawians were shocked to learn from her that recipient of stolen money is not guilty of offence. Let her repeat that to a judge under oath and see if she will come back from court acquitted.

Third there is a statement from late PS Mrs Tsenzani that implicated her and other persons. She pleaded guilty and served her sentence. Those other persons that were implicated by her are answering criminal charges. It’s only fair that she is similarly treated.

Fourth Oswald Lutepo another cashgate convict implicated her. It’s only to her advantage to go to court and clear her name. Issuing press statements from abroad doesnot do her any good. Actually it might be wrongly be interpreted as fleeing from criminal justice.

Fifthly Tilly Baker Report did not clear nor convict anyone. It simply pointed out the need for criminal investigation into theft of govt resources. Truth be told it was some shoddy work and no one in their right senses can use it as a reference point of innocence. Surely not Joyce Banda. its the same report that wrongly suggested her son Roy Kachale to have had a sexual relationship with one of cashgate convict and impliedly that he was involved in cashgate. Not surprising her son sued the concerned parties. So she cannot be using the same report to clear herself and at the same time attacking it as containing gossips and not truth.

By the way Joyce Banda had said she was returning in July 2017. Warrant of arrest was issued on 31st July 2017 after she had failed to board the plane from Johannesburg. In other words the warrant was obtained after she had failed to return home as per her promise. Lets learn to tell the truth.


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