Truth Is MCP Will Not Win 2019 Elections Again: Nothing New Now They Have Not Done Before

Chakwera, the hottest brand of political wine, is a stupendous husband whose status is making him woo a wow from very firebrand suitors. On one hand, the feeling is exhilarating that two stunning wives have already begun wrestling and biting each as they yearn for Chakwera’s hand in marriage.

MCP Will lose 2019 Elections again

On the other hand, Chakwera can’t help but notice the excruciating topsy-turvy situation fate has brought into his briefcase of presidential ambitions.

Whatever the case, and whosoever he chooses, he will bear and scrabble with the consequences.

The ultimate question possibly swallowing his grey matter and giving him headache rides on the extent of Machiavellian cruelty he has to break loose on either of his potential pair-mate so that he wins trust and loyalty of one wife without injuring a substantial share of any section of his sympathesisers.

As far as he might try to run away from realities of life, he probably has already come to terms with the fact that the jigsaw is rooted on a wheel of two things that matters most in Malawian Politics: Money and Regionalism.

Money, because success in politics is defined by it. Gunning for power without money is simply a fantasy premised on political jabberwocky. So somehow Chakwera needs a wife who smells and breathes out money. But that at the expense of what?

Maybe he needs to explore the other thing that matters in the business of political power in Malawi -Regionalism.

As much as Chakwera has been on pulpit preaching religiously and passionately against it, deeply in his heart he knows the exact much ethnocism and regionalism matters in politics.

He, himself, is a a solid benificiary of the goodwill springing out from the gorge of regionalism; MCP will always need a Chewa for the position of the President, just as UDF needs a Yao, Aford a Tumbuka and DPP a Lhomwe for the top party position .

Yes, forget about those hypocritical sermons peddled in the media against regionalism.

We are talking about basic tactics needed for political survival and thriving in the jungle. And to go to a political baptism of fire, you don’t need to be forewarned on basics like these.

So both the lower shire giant Mia and Northern region heavyweight Msowoya know this fact, that’s why they are limiting their ultimate political ambition in MCP on the running mate.

Their one and only sin is where they come from. They have their destiny well written on their forehead, for everybody to see.

But between these two giants Chakwera will have to choose one, based on political calculations and implications of such a life time decision. Alas! This innocent battle ceases to be a game of merit and integrity before it even starts.

Worse still, come 2019 a majority of Malawians, maybe 60 percent or more, will forget about this five years’ economic and political weather.

There hearts will remind them of their beloved two late presidents. It will be the spirit of Kamuzu and Bingu wrestling against each other.

And whosoever the spirit, Kamuzu or Bingu, will win, the party that hallows and revers it shall come a long way smiling and jubilating.

The other party will be swallowed with anguish and pain. It will be crying, crying for the next five years. This unfair world.


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