Joyce Banda’s Involvement In Cash Gate Scandal Remains The Reason Why She Is In Exile:Nothing Else

Banda is implicated in cash gate

Joyce Banda lies to world leaders that she is being denied to come back home from herself imposed three years exile by the incumbent leadership,has been squashed by some observers, saying they believe her real problem is not the DPP administration but she is being haunted by her evil pasts, when she thinks on how her name has been repeatedly mentioned by some cash gate convicts,installing some fears in her that she may be arrested and possibly prosecuted if she returns to Malawi.

Many claim that Banda is afraid of allegations surrounding the huge corruption scandal known as Cashgate which she has been mentioned as the principal beneficiary of the looting,aimed at soliciting funds for her campaign in the run to 2014 election.And this is a fact that even the international community knows but they chose to keep a blind eye.

Banda has on several occasions tried to find excuses to justify her prolonged stay abroad while everyone knows that she is running from her own evil shadow.

That she has security concerns,not been given her perks or she has not been given a retirement home are all lies.She is trying to buy time forgetiing that she is not a saint as all the fingers point as her for being the cash gate god mother.

The Cashgate scandal was uncovered in 2013, while Banda was president, and led to the arrest of about 70 people, including government officials and business people, accused of stealing $32 million of government money through dubious construction deals and other services which were never rendered to the Malawi governement.

Although not officially implicated, a number of lead suspects have made allegations involving Banda. Oswald Lutepo, a former official of Banda’s People’s Party who is serving an 11-year jail term after pleading guilty to theft and money laundering, announced ahead of his sentencing: “Joyce Banda already knows that she used me. I can’t start explaining things that she already knows. She knows how she used me.”

Leonard Kalonga, a former Chief Tourism Officer who was also convicted, claimed Banda was involved too.

Former Justice Minister, Ralph Kasambara, told the High Court he wanted the former president to be among his witnesses in his trial. And recently, it emerged that the jailed former Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Tourism and Culture said in her witness statements that Banda was the mastermind behind Cashgate and that the former president instructed cabinet ministers to solicit money for the 2014 election campaign.

Banda vehemently denies allegations but speculation is still rife.


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