Kabwira Calls For The Resignation Of Chakwera If He Can’t Recognize MCP SG Kaliwo,District Chairmen

Embattled Opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) spokesperson has called for the resignation of the party’s president Lazarus Chakwera, if he cannot respect Gustav Kaliwo as the Secretary General of MCP, saying Kaliwo is the legitimate MCP Chief Executive Officer who signed for Chakwera’s nomination forms and all incumbent MCP parliamentarians in the run to 2014 election.

Kabwira was speaking to Maganizo Mazeze of Zodiak Broadcasting Station (ZBS) on Tiuzeni zoona program where she repeatedly said, Kaliwo and the District Chairmen who called for the early MCP convention in July 2017 are the same people who put Chakwera in power in 2013, and that there is no way these District Chairmen can be called confusionits or MCP rebels today.

“Chakwera does not respect the MCP constitution which he vowed to defend,he chose his NEC against the MCP constitution while he fails to recognize the real owners of MCP,all the problems which are in MCP today can end if all the injunctions by the Chakwera camp are vacated and we proceed with the convention as MCP.”

Kabwira went ahead to outline that if Chakwera fails to obey the MCP constitution, them he cannot give hope to Malawians that if elected President, he will uphold by the country’s constitution as it is evident enough that failure to uphold by MCP constitution is equal to fiscal indiscipline and people cannot have trust with such a leader.

In addition, Kabwira said MCP needs a leader who cannot be bought or betray the four corner stones of the party with money.

When pressed to clarify if she meant Chakwera had been given money or indeed MCP has been bought as President Mutharika told Malawian, Kabwira dogged the question and said all they need is a a leader who is accountable and transparent in MCP with the highest integrity not the one who brings people in the party to cause divisions.


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