JB Lying To Inter. Community That She Is Being Barred From Coming To Mw By DPP Govt:APM Says ‘Running From Her Own Evil Shadow’

No one in Malawi is barring Joyce Banda from coming back home-Mutharika

Malawi President Prof.Arthur Peter Mutharika has revealed to the nation that the international community on two occasions , called him to a roundtable to establish if it is true that he is barring former President Joyce Banda from coming back to Malawi.

Mutharika was speaking at a Blue night dinner and dance which was organized by the Central Region DPP committee,to fundraise for the party at Kamuzu Palace in Lilongwe.

In his statement,Mutharika said he told the International Community that what Joyce Banda was telling them was a total lie and that she was welcome to come to Malawi anytime.

” Nobody is barring Joyce Banda from coming back to Malawi,let her come back home and help me build this nation.If she doesn’t want to come back to Malawi,then she must be running away from her own evil shadow on her involvement in the Cash gate scandal but not that she is being denied to come to Malawi.”Mutharika told the International Community.

This came as a shocker to many who listened to the President to learn that Joyce Banda is lying abroad ,that Mutharika government is not letting her come home,when on several occasions the President told her to come home and work with him.

During his swearing in ceremony,Mutharika extended an olive branch to Joyce Banda which she denied and fled the country a week after she lost the elections miserably and tried to nullify them but failed.

Banda left Malawi three years ago and ever since she has not returned home.

It us very unfortunate that despite rhw fact that she knows why she run away,she chose to lie just to daint the image of Malawi President.

Every Malawian knows how crocked Joyce Banda is and what she did to this nation when she was in power.

The best is for her to stay abroad without brainwashing the international community and let the Mutharika government continue doing the good job of development this nation and restoring the economy she put in shambles.


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