Chakwera Tells Msowoya,Mia To Stop Fighting:Admit Problems In MCP

Chakwera tells Msowoya,Mia to stop fighting

The silent fights in Malawi Congress Party (MCP) have forced party president Lazarus Chakwera to call the warring factions to order.

In a brief statement that Chakwera has issued, the leader of opposition has called on Party members to put differences aside and work for the good of the party.

Without mentioning names although it is clear whom he is referring to, Chakwera has asked members of his party to put personal aspirations aside and serve the good of the party.

“Let us please stay the course of revitalizing, rebuilding, and rebranding the Party. A democratic dispensation demands a level of discourse and candid conversations that does not demean anyone,” said Chakwera at a time that unpalatable remarks have been made across the Mia and Msowoya camps who are both eyeing to partner with Chakwera in 2019.

“We are marching on to victory, all of us together, whether those who have stayed in the party for 50 years or those who re-joined the party 5 days ago,” he said.

Trouble in MCP has reached a boiling point with the coming in of Lower Shire giant Sidik Mia who has been said that he will partner with the MCP leader in 2019.


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