Bushiri Attracts Thousands Of Men At Iron Man Conference:That He Attracts Ladies Only Is A lie

Gathering at Iron man conference

On 29th July 2017 Saturday is a day to be remembered in the history of ECG in Pretoria, it was Iron Man Confrence for men only. There was a great multitude of men from various countries.

Happy and God fearing men gathered at the Pretoria Showground and it became small, there was no enough space men flocked in thoudands to listen to the message of hope from the prophet of our days Shepherd Bushiri aka Major One.

Bushiri speaking to the cloud of men at Iron man conference

The gathering was further reminded about the fall of first man Adam and Eva, as well as Samson and Delilah the main cause of their fall came through their wives.

When I saw the crowd of all men only covering the entire Pretoria Showground I was shocked and I asked myself why do some misinformed cadets say ECG only attaracts women.

ECG does attracts both genders and I have seen it with my own eyes yesterday, and men too dominates ECG.

Major One really saved many families yesterday, He taught men to take care of their families and love their wives their children and make their spouses their good friends. He encouraged all men to be God fearing people and never allow the devil came into their families.

All the things Major One shared are very practical in families of today most men are facing. He advised men to be humble to their wives and listen to their grievances with sober minds.

Major One is yet to gather men from all over the world from 10th to 11th November this year.

At the climax of the Iron Man Confrence one lucky Iron man got R30,000 and another one got R20,000 as a boost to their business and in November the lucky Iron man will walk away with Mecerdez Benz.



  • Samuel M Mangena

    Thank Father Sherperd Bushiri for your true Ministry. We also thank your powefull God we woship let the heaven be opened in the name Jesus to you fearless generation . You are the major Powerfull Prophet in the world ,thank papa , iyee.. Power.

  • lydia motshidisi moalai

    can I book for ironman conference? is for my husband

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