JB Turns Drunkard Upon Hearing That Entire PP Region Committee North Defects To Governing DPP

Information from close confidants to fugitive former President Joyce Banda ,who stole billion of Kwachas from Malawi government and run away in fear of prosecution has turned into a drunkard,upon hearing that Malawi President Mutharika has Welcomed 2 Mzimba PP MPs and Entire PP Northern Regional Committee Into The Mighty DPP.

On Thursday,President Arthur Peter Mutharika welcomed two People’s Party (PP) Members of Parliament (MPs) for Mzimba South and Mzimba Hora, Makwenda Chunga and Rev. Mzomera Ngwira, respectively, to the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

This did not go on well with Joyce Banda,who spent the entire day heavily drinking in disbelief that all his loyal soldiers have abandoned her,while she remains abroad spending the billions she stole from poor Malawians.

Mutharika welcomed the two MPs alongside two councilors from Hora constituency and the PP regional committee at Mzimba Boma when he officially inaugurated Northern Region Water Board’s (NRWB) piped water project.

He said his party does not underrate leaders from the northern region and that is why he appoints them in various positions.

“I am very proud to have them to help me run this country,” the President said.
In his remarks, Ngwira thanked the President for welcoming him back into the party, which he ditched soon after the demise of President Bingu wa Mutharika.

“You told us to be calm and that you will not let us down, but some of us were carried away by the PP’s slogan ‘Yanyamuka!’ even when we did not know its destination. We didn’t know it was destined for America,” said Ngwira, attracting laughter from the gathering.

He added that “I left DPP alone, but I have returned with the entire regional committee.”

PP’s leader former President Joyce Banda left for America soon after being defeated in the previous general elections by the DPP.

Ngwira pointed out that his return to the DPP is not aimed at taking over any leadership position, but to promote Mutharika to win during the 2019 election.

He, therefore, commended those who he left in DPP for keeping the party and making it win during the 2014 election.
DPP Secretary General Grizeder Jeffrey commended the MPs and the regional committee for joining the party saying they have not been short sighted as the DPP will bounce back into power in 2019.

She urged the old members to work hand in hand with those who have joined the party.

“These people are not here to take up our positions; so let’s welcome them and work hand in hand with them,” Jeffrey said.


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