Blue Sea In Chitipa As President Mutharika Commissions Chitipa Water Project: To Benefit Thousands

Part of the section at Mutharika rally in Chitipa

People of Chitipa district put business to a stand still in the the area today as President Prof.Arhur Arthur Peter Mutharika commissioned the $13 million Kalenge Water Treatment works in Chitipa.

The system will provide water to over 47, 000 people in the district.

Commissioning Chitipa water project

In his statement,the President said he  Was delighted that people of Misuku, Kalenge and the whole of Chitipa town, among others, will now have access to clean water which will in turn improve their social and economic welfare.

“A good water supply is vital for the development of any community. This is why my government is taking all the necessary steps to make sure that we provide potable water to every corner of this country.”Said Mutharika amid cheers from the happy resident’s of Chitipa.

The president assured the people in the area and that his  government is fulfilling the promises it  made to the people of Malawi in the run to 2014 election and committed that as a caring president,he will continue working hard to deliver on all the promises as we gradually turn this country around.

The project

Before commissioning the project,Mutharika had a stopover at Phwezi and Karonga bona.


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