Lucius Banda Calls UDF Party Worse Than ‘Agalu’: Says Dog Are Better Off Compared To UDF

Lucius calls UDF worse than dogs

Member of United Democratic Front (UDF) for Balaka North Constituency, Lucius Banda has called the party’s leadership of Atupele Muluzi and  all supporters worse  than dogs.

In his song ‘Zithumwa’, the musician cum law marker who on two occasions won his parliamentarian seat under the ticket of UDF, with the aid of former President Bakili Muluzi says he is disappointed with the leadership and supporters of UDF.

Banda who introduces UDF party as the eastern region based political party which he is disappointed with and goes further to compare the party supporters and entire leadership as being worse compared to ‘Agalu’ (dogs).

‘Dogs are better off than the eastern party UDF, when you hit at a dog, tomorrow it will be able to know who had bitten it but this is no the case with UDF, the party is worse compared to dogs,”there goes the song in a vernicular language chichewa.

UDF supporters and leadership has not yet come out to respond to Banda’s uterance.He is the only member who is being considered as a rebel who is against the UDF-DPP working alliance but on the other hands, he works secretly with opposition Malawi COngress Party.


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