Seven Envoys Present Letters Of Credence To Malawi President Mutharika

New Envoys To Malawi Pose with President Peter Mutharika

Ambassadors from the Republic of Rwanda and the Kingdom of Thailand on Thursday presented their letters of credence to the state president Prof. Arthur Peter Mutharika at Kamuzu Palace in Lilongwe.

The two ambassadors have promised to work with the Malawi government in improving the sectors of agriculture and Information, Communication and Technology (ICT).

New Thailand ambassador to Malawi Dr Pornchai Danvivathana said his nation is more developed in agriculture because it produces surplus in all the crops they grow which are sold to many parts of the world.

“We will cooperate with Malawi to improve her agriculture sector by sharing best practices in crop production and marketing through small medium enterprises,” Danvivathana said.

He added that the Republic of Thailand is also well developed in producing medical supplies and that Malawi can greatly benefit.

Rwandese ambassador Monique Mukaruliza said her nation is interested to work with Malawi in ICT development.

“Rwanda is well developed in ICT and we wish to help Malawi in developing its ICT sector,” she said

According to Africa Renewal, a United Nations website, Rwanda is one of the most advanced African nations in ICT with approximately 1.2million internet users in a country of 12million people, and pupils start taking computer lessons by compulsory from primary school.

Mukaruliza said Rwanda believes in developing the youth and wishes to share notes with the Malawi government on how best to incorporate ICT education in primary schools.

She also said her country is also interested in promoting issues political defense and social justice.

A total of seven envoys presented their letters of credence to President Mutharika. Others are from Zambia, Republic of Cyprus, The State of Eritrea, The State of Palestine and the Republic of Turkey. 


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