Lower Shire Remains DPP Strong Hold: ‘We Have Not Forgotten How MCP Fed Us To Crocodiles’

Mutharika franked by Mia in the lower Shire

Take it or leave it, but fact remains that the lower Shire particularly Chikwawa and Nsanje remains Democratic Progressive Party play grounds and nothing can change this, even if Malawi Congress Party may swallow its pride today and apologize to the Nation of the atrocities they committed in this area, especially feeding Malawians to crocodiles they kept in the lower Shire as a punishment for going against Kamuzu Banda’s dictatorship in the 31 years of MCP one party rule in Malawi.No one will ever want MCP in the area.

It is too early for many of us from Nsanje and Chikwawa to forget the evils that MCP slapped us with. The party was evil and its past still haunts it to the present day.

No man as long as he is Malawi Congress Party will be able to gain back the support of the people of Nsanje and Chikwawa because the wounds MCP left us with are still fresh.

For those who followed the 2009 elections,it is on record that Chikwawa and Nsanje registered 452,860.During the elections, Democratic Progressive Party scooped a total of 435,714 votes for the Presidential candidate while on the other hand, Sidik Mia who stood on DPP ticket in Chikwawa Nkombezi constituency managed to get 25,019 votes.

In the same elections, the Malawi Congress Party got 3507 votes in the area.This owes to the fact that people of Chikwawa and Nsanje can’t forgive the sins that MCP did to them when they were in power.

Fast forward to the 2014 elections, Lower shire registered 522,517 and DPP scooped 478,063 votes against MCP 2,311 votes .This is a simple and clear indication if how the people in the lower Shire have nothing to do with MCP.

Come 2019, DPP will still stand tall in the area because the evils which MCP did in the area have not been forgiven.

Sidik Mia failed to bring Joyce Banda votes in 2014 election and it is not easy for him to bring MCP votes either with the party having blood on its back.


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