MCP Will Never Change: Party Still Haunted By It’s Evil Past- Lazarus Chakwera

Party of darkness Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president Lazarus Chakwera has revealed that there is resistance against his reformist agenda to shade off the bad image of the party amid a growing push for a convention he believes is designed to stop the changes going on in the party.

Chakwera: MCP will never change

MCP, the country’s oldest party, has always been labelled as a party of darkness because of late Dr Kamuzu Banda’s autocratic rule which
witnessed many flee the country for fear of being killed or detained.

Banda ruled with an iron fist until his death in 1992.

“We have to change this bad image and rebrand into a party that is in sync with the aspirations of the people but unfortunately others within the party are against this change, they still want to and accuse me of being against the older folks in the party,” he said in
an exclusive interview.

“I am not against the older folks in the party but am against the old system that binds people into doing things differently…but others within the party are saying that we don’t like Chawera’s changing of the party… they would rather stay the same as it has always been,” said Chakwera, whose election to take over from John Tembo symbolized
a new democratic MCP.

But the emergence of a faction whose face is in the form of secretary general Gustav Kaliwo has put in the spotlight the divisions in the party and wants a convention validate Chakwera’s leadership.

The faction has also condemned as undemocratic the push for Sidick Mia to be running mate for Chakwera arguing that the party already has Richard Msowoya as the party’s elected Vice President and therefore an
automatic running mate for the 2019 elections.

Early June, as per the party’s constitution, Kaliwo’s group published a list of delegates to the convention, which Chakwera described as fraudulent.


Since the MCP lost the elections in the popular multiparty elections in 1994, the party has always come second in the subsequent elections and still remains the country’s main opposition in parliament.



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