MCP ‘Rebels’ Threaten To Deal With Sidik Mia And Chakwera If They Continue Bringing Confusions In The Party

Former cabinet minister and Lazarus Chakwera’s new catch Sidik Mia has intensified his campaign to become runningmate to Lazarus Chakwera in 2019 by openly telling opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) committee members in Southern Region that Richard Msowoya is no longer second in command.

This move is not only defiant but also in contempt of MCP national executive committee agreement which stops anyone from endorsing themselves before the party officially opens up nomination process for all positions ahead of a convention slated for December this year.

The past weeks have been busy for Mia who has moved from one district to another to canvass support among party committees and muslims to support his bid both at the convention and in 2019 at the polls.

Chakwera: Undermined

Mia took advantage of the month of Ramadan to distribute money and other stuff to muslims in townships, schools and universities while openly telling the faithfuls to support him with his political ambitions.

Since openly expressing desire to join MCP, Mia has brought controversy because he has pushed Msowoya to third in command by openly declaring that the party will run on a Chakwera/Mia ticket in 2019. Msowoya on the other hand has thrown back punches at Mia labeling him as a political nonentity who makes noise like a single coin.

The Speaker of Parliament continues to recognize himself as Chakwera’s deputy and is hopeful of a repeated pairing with his boss as was the case in 2014.

Msowoya (C): Commands substantial following in the north

If left unchecked the Msowoya/Mia feud will weaken the party mainly in the Northern region where Msowoya commands substantial following.

Political pundits have doubted Mia’s chances saying he does not pull political strings in the Lower Shire as was the case with late Gwanda Chakuamba for many decades. On the other hand the Lower Shire has less 400,000 voters only most of who also voted for the ruling Democratic Progressive Party in 2009 and 2014.


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